Goldilcks x Lucid Interval

sáb 7 may por goldilcks
PROGRAMA■VUC■Jad Taleb■kenzzza
BreaksPopDeep pop r&bOutsider houseAbstractMicro house


Unofficial Label showcase - a unique experiential occurrence at Lucid interval - Paris Goldilcks // web 3 music & experiential art label emerging from London. Its cultural and artistic ethos divorces itself from more conventional practices, by virtue of its inherently innovative approach on the medium. It is a Hybrid transdisciplinary platform intervening with 3rd urban space and sound by disembedding organisms from their original function, thus producing a surreal outcome, a metaphorical demonstration. Goldilcks delivers unique & exclusive party experience that manifests around handpicked locations from the obscure cores of the milieu cosmopolite. Our partners // Lucid Interval Club Ambroise +33 7 49 83 87 89 A new destination to connect with visual artists, musicians, curators and collectives from around the world. **Limited Tickets at the door via Lydia only, no cash accepted.

Información práctica

sáb 7 may 21:00 - dom 8 may 03:00
Lucid Interval, 94 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, France
94 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris, France
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