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ear Lisbon Friends, An even better excuse of celebration has come again - so soon already - with the surprise arrival to Lisbon of our Turkish kebab grand-chef and ReSolute resident O.BEE! He will be joining his acolyte Columbian sardine grill-master Tomas Station for an epic B2B recipe of spacey and groovy soundscapes. Accompanying our guests of honour will be our favorite grumpy French & duck-sounding groover Momüs. Altogether they will put those dancing shoes to great use, may be even worth buying a new pair this time! Graced by a full stack Audio Factory pristine soundystem for our ears pleasures and comfort, we will have the chance to gather, dance, drink, and laugh in an epic location in Lisbon North area, from midnight to late, this coming Friday Feb. 18th. Exact location will be disclosed to ticket holders on the day of the event. This is an entirely legal and responsible event, let’s make sure we keep it smooth by respecting the special environment we will have available for our shenanigans, and comply with the current COVID regulations. No particular dress code, just come as your best self. I wish you all a great day and can’t wait to see you smiling and grinding on the dancefloor! Yours truly, Amil Boul   // Key Details Fri. Feb.18th Midnight - Late €10 Ticket link - Or €15 at the door (until capacity) // O.BEE Set - SC - IG - Known for dancing in between different genres and styles, juggling the tradition and the avant-garde, O.BEE generates obscure yet familiar sonic landscapes, in a signature style that reflects his own musical identity; optimistic yet rebellious and filled by passion. Liberating the dance floor from the accustomed rules and stepping away from functional expectations, he instead cultivates musical trips for both the dancer and the listener. Juxtaposing the stimulating environments of both a intense rave and a concert hall. As a regular in his hometown Istanbul, and in his current base New York, where he completed his studies in Contemporary Music in the New School and continues to develop his refined take on
dance music, O.BEE has built up an arsenal of gems through countless hours of digging. His ability to seamlessly to put together music that would not necessarily be correlated with one another has allowed him to receive acclaim and gain respect from the most serious heads to the most naive dancers as he continues to expand the borders of his undefinable sound.
 After bouncing around parties for several years he joined the ReSolute family, a new home, where he has had the honors of hosting and accompanying many artists, such as Zip, Chez Damier, Sonja Moonear, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, a:pria:r, that have been true inspirations for him. Recent years have seen him travel beyond the horizons of the big apple, returning to Istanbul for Suma Beach, MU and minimuzikhol, also taking on days and nights at Unleash and Colors in London, Hoppetosse, Tresor, CDV, Salon zur Wilden Renate and Heidegluhen in Berlin, Rex Club and Sundae in Paris, Macarena Club in Barcelona, to name a few. While also finding a place for himself in accomplished festivals such as Comunite Festival in Mexico, Polifonic in Italy, Chillout and Big Burn Festivals in Turkey, UVA Festival in Spain and Okeechobee in America, sharing his unique record collection with the world, on the bill with visionaries such as Mulatu Astatke, Ambiq and Thievery Corporation. In October 2017 he was invited to perform alongside other Turkish artists in Boiler Room’s Istanbul special, closing out the session after an array of wide acts and DJ sets. O.BEE's evocative and sophisticated approach to his sets is also reflected in his own music. He has been working hard in and out of the studio with his partner, Rona Budak, on their project “Enstantane”, which functions as both a record label and an multi-disciplinary artist collective. Enstantane 001 is to be released in the second half of 2018, along with an event series and the subscription based website //Tomas Station Boiler Room in Bogota - SC - IG - Growing up between Bogotá and Chicago, Tomás experienced at an early age a clash of cultures and sounds that would open doors to a lifelong musical obsession. He received formal music training during his youth, playing both piano and drums, and participated in several bands ranging in styles from Hardcore Punk to Jazz. During a summer visit to Chicago during his teenage years he stumbled across the legendary Gramaphone Records and discovered a world that would change everything for him. Upon returning to Colombia, dreaming of drum machines and synthesizers, he formed Downpitch Recordings alongside labelmates Dorado and Bruno Anthony. The label served as a platform for their sonic development and experimentation while allowing them to preserve the vinyl tradition-and quality-over- quantity ethos that seemed to be absent in the local scene at that time. Deeply rooted in House, but with an outsider approach, Downpitch would also establish cultural bridges between cities, and by working hand in hand with their Chicago and Detroit precursors, contribute to what some refer to as a recent dance music renaissance in Colombia. For the past few years Tomás has kept on the move, constantly searching for new sounds and experiences, rapidly building a reputation for himself as an exciting up-and-coming talent. His productions on labels such as Dailysession NY, Descendants Of The Deep, Moody Recordings and Future Funktion have captivated the likes of Danny Krivit, Raresh, Magda and Douglas Sherman (The Loft), to name a few, while his electrifyingly unpredictable taste as a DJ and curator has earned him more than one spot at the decks alongside some of the most respected selectors and DJ’s around. While living in NY he worked as music buyer for Halcyon The Shop and as booker and resident for Kolekti and Zodiac Social, hosting parties with Soul In The Hole (Sadar Bahar & Lee Collins), Metro Area & Mark Grusane, amongst many others.. He recently returned to Brooklyn after some years on the road to work on his most recent endeavours which include Jigit, a record label and collective alongside Turkish DJ and producer O.BEE and visual artist Asli Tunaman that released his debut EP under the Irie Nation moniker and to consolidate his long time friendship with the ReSolute party and agency where he will be joining the roster and acting as one of the resident DJ’s. // Momüs Set - SC - IG - FYI, Momus or Momos was in Greek mythology the god of satire, mockery, censure, writers, poets; a spirit of evil-spirited blame and unfair criticism. He is depicted in classical art as lifting a mask from his face. Momus is also and foremost a Parisian house music lover, who started in 2004 to actively collect records and regularly DJ in Paris, forging himself a peculiar music style falling somewhere between house, funk, and techno. Moving to New York in 2009, Momüs pursued a sound engineer program to further develop his electronic music knowledge and skills. Rapidly part of the local underground scene, Momüs continuously learns and improves his DJ sets and productions, leading him to become resident at Output, Disco Before Sunset, Studio 151 and Baron among others. Tired of the hectic lifestyle of the Apple, Momüs moved to Lisbon in 2016 where he opened the beach club Yamba, and currently resides. Influenced by both Detroit analog raw sounds and Parisian filtered and funky house, Momüs bridges the styles in his warm, groovy, and disco infused DJ sets and production, with the simple aim to get the best moves and smiles out of his audience; no mental masturbation here.

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vie 18 feb 00:00 - sáb 19 feb 06:00
Royal Club, R. Heróis de Chaimite 48 2620, 2620 Odivelas, Portugal
R. Heróis de Chaimite 48 2620, 2620 Odivelas, Portugal
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